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Premises at Rabenstein Castle

Rabenstein Castle has a variety of different function rooms that will give your celebration the necessary variety thanks to their versatility. Each room has its own unique charm, from the elegant Renaissance Hall to our incredibly cosy Fireside Lounge. 

The Beletage

Renaissance Hall & Hall of Arms

The Renaissance Hall is the centrepiece and ceremonial hall of Rabenstein Castle. It is the highlight of castle tours and the venue for elegant dinners and parties.
Its "little brother", the Hall of Arms, with its many stylistic details and its multitude of impressive medieval weapons, exudes at least as much atmosphere and sets the perfect scene for your (midnight) buffet.

Baroque Salons & Castle Terrace

Enjoy your reception with champagne in our three elegant "Baroque Salons" and on our sunny terrace.
Tip: The Baroque Salons are also the perfect spot for your photo box.

Castle Restaurant and Fireside Lounge

Margrave's Hall & Hunting Room

The Margrave's Hall, the home of our restaurant, also serves as the breakfast venue. Groups are also happy to spend the evening before the party here with guests who have already arrived. If the (breakfast) party exceeds the capacity of the Markgrafensaal, additional guests can be comfortably seated in the directly adjacent Hunting Room.
Tip: A celebration in a smaller circle can also be held exclusively in the Margrave's Hall.

Fireside Lounge

Our cosy Fireside Lounge is the secret favourite of many of our guests. Its charm immediately casts a spell over you and invites you to linger. During your celebration, it serves as a possible bad weather alternative for the reception and as a place to round off the (pre-)evening.

The Celtic Village

The Celtic Village on our large castle meadow is much more than just an important part of our medieval market setting. It is the perfect surrounding for a barbecue or burger buffet on a warm summer evening. With an atmospheric campfire in the background, you can sit together in a cosy and convivial atmosphere and enjoy the food and the time in the open air. Of course, we also offer a bad weather alternative, where we move the dinner into our cosy tavern "Gutsschenke".

For larger celebrations, your cake buffet can be served here as an alternative to the Margrave's Hall. Here in the open air, it is also a great opportunity for the little ones (and grown-ups) to play a little.

The Celtic Village is also an extremely popular venue for free wedding ceremonies,